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About Us


PositionMySite is born of pure necessity, our client’s have a need for direct and reactive design and SEO consulting. They want to achieve custom WordPress, Joomla, Magento eCommerce and search engine optimization solutions that just work.

Custom PHP CodingWe combine custom development services with Canadian award winning search engine optimization to bring a valuable combination of functionality and discovery.


A successful web design consulting firm must be highly adept at search engine optimization (SEO). Having a poorly designed, poorly coded website doesn’t translate well into successful search engine optimization results.  It’s akin to building a beautiful custom built home on a foundation of poorly mixed and inferior concrete.  Like in the real world what we do at the very beginning will always have severe implications on the ability to rank well in Google’s highly coveted search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)0%
Mature Digital Strategy0%
Custom Development with WordPress, Joomla and Magento0%
Branding, Identity and Graphic Design0%
iOs and Android Development0%
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PositionMySite was born out of pure necessity, our client’s had needs for direct and reactive consulting. They wanted to achieve total custom WordPress, Joomla, Magento eCommerce and search engine optimization solutions that just worked.


We often find ourselves repeating this but there are no tricks, no special techniques and no magic insider information when it comes to properly marketing your new website. Otherwise known as Black Hat SEO PositionMySite uses only one method to properly secure your website and it’s rankings on the search engine results page: Hard Work.


David Dayan

Managing Director

David Dayan started PositionMySite in 2009, originally a Google AdWords service provider it was transformed into a full digital strategy and search engine optimization firm.


With offices located downtown Toronto, PositionMySite offers different approaches to sensitive creative needs. Most clients want a solution that’s easy to use and easily searched online. We created a mature requirement’s gathering process that helps define the foundation of the client’s creative design prerequisites. Most solutions can be deployed within weeks of the initial engagement process.


PositionMySite helps small, medium and enterprise level clients. Each category brings its own unique set of pain points, PositionMySite alleviates those roadblocks with determination, hard work and experience. A small business will has a narrow view of the marketplace and will be scared to take managed risks whereas a medium sized company will be more concerned solely with cost which leaves a large spectrum of information completely ignored. An enterprise level client will always have deadlines and PositionMySite has the experience to plan ahead and manage resources on a project with foresight and intelligent calculation.


At the end of the day, we deliver custom solutions that drive customer interaction and brand recognition.


The tools clients are MOST familiar with,

aren’t always necessarily the correct TOOLS to engage their customers.

Joomla Web Site Development

Joomla web site development consulting with a focus on simplified plugin, component and module creation to enable users to fully take advantage of the robust Joomla platform capabilities. A solid search engine optimization focus helps all levels of customers achieve their search engine optimization goals.

WordPress Web Site Development

WordPress Web Design consulting with a focus on Search Engine Optimization for small to medium size businesses that require fast deployment. We help design simple to use content management system that are extremely popular with millions of users worldwide.

Magento eCommerce Devlopment

Magento eCommerce consulting for community and enterprise level deployment. Magento is one of the most robust, scalable and powerful eCommerce reporting platform that is used by some of the top companies in the world. A content management and eCommerce solution sandwiched into an easy to use solution.

Search Engine Optimization

PositionMySite is a search engine optimization and web design consulting firm located in Toronto. We specialize in helping clients achieve higher rankings through a carefully planned organic process. We deploy custom coded solutions with a foundation based on unique content and on page optimization efforts.

iOs Application Development

PositionMySite creates stunning iOs applications that are built off shore which helps our customers build complex applications with a much lower cost than traditional development. Experienced project managers help acquire the requirements to successfully deploy your ideas fast and effectively. Ask about our low rates.

Android Application Development

PositionMySite Android application services are similar to our iOs division. We offshore these types of projects simply because we are able to offer a competitive pricing edge with significant savings. We have deep relationships with off shore vendors who have successfully developed hundreds of applications. Ask about our low rates.

Have a need for a mature strategic development process?