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Driving Television WordPress Web Design

Driving Television WordPress Web Design

About This Project


Since 2002, Driving Television  has been reviewing the latest vehicles released each year in North America. We offer a male and female perspective designed to inform and educate with a focus on the cars ordinary people are researching to buy. The TV show also provides interesting video segments on car related products, car travel and car maintenance. Now with our European correspondent we also bring you what’s coming to America before it arrives.


Driving Television is broadcast every Saturday Morning on Shaw Media’s entire Global Television Network. In addition to the national Television exposure, our video content is broadly distributed throughout the digital environment by syndication to various web partners, YouTube, Facebook and others.


In addition to the TV show production, our team have become specialists in producing automotive custom video content for training, web sites, events and other video content needs.


PositionMySite small footer logoHow does PositionMySite help with Driving Television WordPress Web Design?


PositionMySite is responsible for creation, upkeep and search engine optimization services for everything related to Driving Television. Driving Television had unique needs which required unique solutions due to the fact the their content is video driven. We also provided a gorgeous WordPress platform in order to display their more than 1000+ Canadian Car Reviews.


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