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Pai-Shau Magento eCommerce Web Design

PaiShau Magento eCommerce

About This Project


Pai-Shau means Passion for Life. The name was inspired by our journey to discover beauty in a different way. Led by passion, we looked to an age-old ritual practiced by cultures all over the world.


For centuries, tea has been consumed for its remarkable healing properties. Deemed as a wonder drink, its benefits are known to lead to a healthier lifestyle and combat the effects of aging. Inspired by their ability to enhance, nourish and protect internally, Pai-Shau discovered how to replicate those same holistic benefits into products made for the hair.


Our Signature Tea Complex, made of African Red Bush, White, Black, Pu-erh and Japanese Matcha Green Teas, is infused into every product for root to tip nourishment, enhanced shine, and weightless moisture. The hair’s natural beauty is restored.


Our T-Sylk Technology maintains the teas’ potency and ensures its nutrients are fully absorbed. Hair is left with a clean finish for versatility and simplicity. Styling becomes effortless. Ideal for every style. Every texture. Everyone.


Pai-Shau inspires trends from an authentic place. We empower others to express individuality and explore their own passions. Self-confidence allows you to embrace the moment, Pai-Shau gives you tools.




PositionMySite small footer logoHow did PositionMySite help Pai-Shau with their Magento eCommerce?



PositionMySite was tasked to take internal designs and turn them into Magento reality. Using the Magento eCommerce platform PositionMySite created Pai-Shau eCommerce online platform. Magento was selected by the client for it’s flexibility and it’s ability to adapt with international logistics solutions.


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May 01, 2016

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