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Wheels Custom PHP Web Development

Wheels Custom PHP Web Development

About This Project  is a joint venture partnership between Metroland Media Group Ltd. and Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. Users of the website come looking for the latest car reviews, guides, road trip ideas, and advice to enhance their automotive experience.


It’s readers trust as an automotive source by teaching, inspiring, and empowering readers to make the right auto decisions – whether they’re in the market for a vehicle or already own one. It’s users are described as either city slicker’s; outdoor lovers; style cruiser’s; work commuters; family road trippers; green driving enthusiast’s or race track competitors; is Canada’s automotive lifestyle destination of choice.


If user’s are looking to buy a car? They have to look no further than Our client’s website has a comprehensive database of new & used cars to help make the right automotive decisions. With over 80,000 vehicles for sale, their car research tool will help find the best car suited for the readers lifestyle. is a completely responsive site available where you are – across web, mobile & tablet devices.


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PositionMySite is tasked with all development of Wheels Custom PHP Web Development deployments and upkeep of all new website requirements globally for the brand. We develop, maintain and troubleshoot on behalf of the client’s needs daily. Primarily developing in PHP with a WordPress back-end PositionMySite tackles all the necessary complex environment challenges of a unique Enterprise level client.


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