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Increase your traffic & lower your bounce rate by giving your visitors the information they’re looking for.

PositionMySite concentrates on five core tenants to ensure your site ranks well with Google’s quality guidelines.

  • Improved Content

    The single most important thing Google tell's us to do is to provide unique un-scrapped high quality content so that people have a reason to visit.

  • Site Speed

    We analyze and optimize your site following a set of web best practices, we than benchmark that score and go about increasing your overall site speed.

  • On Page SEO

    We instantly analyze your SEO issues, provide feedback and fix! We automatically keep track of your site's weekly changes in more than 30 variables.

  • Schema Support

    Google supports the vocabulary for structured data, Structured data markup is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it.

  • Avoid Link Schemes

    Avoiding link schemes is harder than you think, your website may have been penalized and you didn't even know it! We analyze and repair.

Choose a Search Engine Optimization Plan that Works Best For You

We’ve helped over 85 clients achieve their SEO goals, through our 5 core tenanted process we achieve sustainable increase in web traffic. Progress is #real and #tracked this folks, is the real deal!


  • 50+

    % Expected Traffic Increase

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