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Trello may just be the best project software on the planet
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Searching for Project Management Software? Trello may be the answer to your prayers!

Why Trello is simply amazing

26 Sep Searching for Project Management Software? Trello may be the answer to your prayers!

Trello may just be the ultimate time management tool.

Trello let’s you come to work, have a cup of coffee and get right into your day! You realize with Trello at 8:00 A.M you are already organized! Just login review and comment and just get to work!  That feeling that you don’t have to rummage through endless print outs, search through inboxes or blatantly ask co-workers for status updates feels like freedom.

The word productivity get’s thrown around quite often, and if you have flipboard installed on your devices chances are you have seen your fair share of titles promising life transforming advice on everything from how to organize your emails to speaking more productively. at the end of the day I am going to say what everyone else is screaming as they flip past that article and scream WHO CARES! However what if i told you there were two online software services that would forever change your life and how you collaborate with people on your team?

Productivity Software Alert LOL!

Today I want to talk about Trello a very powerful online collaborative tools that help seamlessly shred, that’s right SHRED noise out of your workday. I calculated that by using Trello I have saved approximately 2 hours per day. That’s 10 Hours a week and comes in at a whopping 40 hours of savings a month!

Let’s delve right into Trello.

Trello Board

Trello is a project management tool that ensures online collaboration is easy, relaxing and very satisfying. If you do a simple Google search you will find topics discussing Trello’s unbelievable ability to take on any organization task from planning a trip to running a household. However this tool is best suited when a medium to large organization uses it’s power to collaborate on projects. You can assign tasks, share responsibility, label ideas and best of all cross items off the list after everyone signs off.

Let’s start with the basics of how Trello works


A board is a project starting point that you can name to whatever suits your needs, it can literally be whatever you want, for the purposes of this discussion we will use ours for web projects. The great thing about Trello boards is that they are visible and when you have tasks open it’s clear what state it’s currently in.

Each  board has specific members that can see it and control the creation and flow of cards between the lists. They can add themselves or others to cards, begin conversations on the cards, add attachments and create checklists.


A list is a way to divide a board into different categories. Typically a list represents a stage of progress (to do, in progress, finished).

For David Allen (Getting Things Done) fans, lists are a great for setting up different “buckets” to organize your tasks.


A card is the most basic and flexible part of the system. It represents a specific element of a project (A new feature, a software bug, research for a post). Cards can be moved between lists as they progress through the project. Depending on what works best for you and your team, an individual task could be a card or it could be an item on a checklist within a card, or an image.

You can attach images and files, assign members, comment, add checklists, colored labels and deadlines to cards. Depending on the what’s best for you and the task at hand, you can keep your cards very simple, or highly detailed and elaborate.

The best part about Trello is that’s it’s FREE to use, that’s right FREE. There is an upgraded professional version that you can subscribe too however that’s something you would need to decide for yourself once you got the hang of using it.

Like many other connected web applications Trello also has a ton of third party connectors. You can connect from everything to Facebook, GitHub to Time Management software that all helps you stay organized, share information and create a place where you, your team or even your family can stay fully agile.

If you like Trello as much as we do please share your experiences negative or positive with us.